Jan Capiński

The three men, Colonel Calverly (Andrew Slater), Major Murgatroyd (Jan Capinski) and Lieutenant the Duke of Dunstable (Aled Hall) were equally characterful. All three performed with great relish. This was particularly true in the wonderful scene in Act Two when the military men turn aesthetic to attract the women, and Slater, Capinski and Hall made it a moment of high comedy. 

Planet Hugill

photo by Clive Barda

photo by Clive Barda


Originally from Kraków, Poland, Jan trained at the Academy of Music there before moving to the UK to study at the RWCMD and ENO Opera Works. He has performed roles with (among others) ETO, Scottish Opera, Garsington Opera, Wexford Festival Opera, Mid Wales Opera, and BYO. Outside singing Jan is a recording engineer and videographer, as well as paddleboarder, kayaker, blogger, and board game geek.


Jan Capinski immediately got our attention bringing rare focus to the role of Morales.

Mike Smith, walesonline.co.uk / theatre-wales.co.uk